CenturyLink Offers Business Serenity


Sunday and Monday aren’t just days of the week to businesses. According to a new campaign from telecommunications company CenturyLink, they are either a day to recharge and relax or to take on the world.

In a new business-to-business effort, the Monroe, La.-based company touts its network, hosting and cloud capabilities as a way to offer peace of mind to businesses of all sizes. The idea behind the campaign is that providing quality IT support and capabilities will help these businesses become more responsive and agile.

Two new television spots in the campaign depict the differences between Sundays and Mondays. In one spot (titled “Sunday”), shots of people heading to work in traffic, preparing documents and getting in elevators are juxtaposed against people enjoying hobbies such as horseback riding, golfing and fishing. “There’s a reason no one ever says, 'Easy like Monday morning'," says a voiceover. “Sundays are the warrior’s day to unplug and recharge. What if this feeling could last all week? With CenturyLink as your trusted partner, it can.” A second commercial (titled “Monday”) focuses solely on the business world, describing the day as “your chance to rise and shine,” before touting CenturyLink’s network advantages. Both spots end with the tagline “Your link to what’s next.”



The business-oriented effort is intended to convey many of the equities the company has built in its consumer-focused efforts to the business world, and vice versa, according to company executives. 

“Though this brand campaign focuses on our business offerings, our strong commitment to our residential customers remains,” said CenturyLink CEO Glen F. Post III in a statement. “We are dedicated to being the leading broadband provider in our markets and we continue to roll out new and innovative products, such as CenturyLink Prism TV.”

CenturyLink representatives did not respond to requests for comment.

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