Pinfluencer Rebrands As Piqora, Launches Social Re-Pin Feed For Brands


The analytics company Pinfluencer will rebrand Tuesday as Piqora to capture the changing vision of content and images. It is launching a tool enabling marketers to identify top trending products and repost on the company's Web site landing page and social networks.

Gallery, an embeddable social e-commerce product for brands using Pinterest and Facebook, automates a visual feed of a brand's in-stock, top trending products that appear on social networks, creating an e-commerce experience for consumers on the company's Web site and on social pages. The suite supports analytics, promotions, content management and social e-commerce.

Piqora, previously Pinfluencer, began as a weekend hack project, and within six to 12 months the company's engineers developed an enterprise marketing analytics suite of products. The name didn't reflect the future of the company's tools, said Sharad Verma, Piqora CEO.



"Search is over saturated," he said. "The way to attract mid- and top-of-the-funnel audiences is to find them on social networks and connect with them through interesting content through images."

The Piqora marketing suite pulls in first-party data from several sources to determine ROI. Connecting the tool to platforms like Coremetrics and Omniture allows marketers to determine the pins and products driving the most revenue. Gallery, part of the suite launched Tuesday, lets marketers embed trending information on a company's Web site home page or Facebook Fan page.

World Markets and Overstock have begun to use the platform. The data enables the brand to serve up the price of in-stock products. It also shows similar products and what friends are pinning. 

Earlier this month, Pinterest released an analytics tool that enables marketers to track the number of people pinning content from verified account Web sites. It shows bloggers, businesses and brands the most recent pins, how many people have visited their sites from Pinterest, and how many Pinterest impressions the content generates.

Competition means big changes. Verma has big plans for Piqora. Eventually the tools will give marketers a sense of what's already trending, and use the data to publish images on Instagram, Flickr and other sites.

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