March Madness Uses Shazam App To Ensure Cross-Platform Viewing

March Madness games on the four networks will be Shazam-able, allowing viewers to check on how they are doing in the office pool and find out details on players that are causing them to fall behind. There will also be a separate arrangement with LG.

Users who tag live broadcasts on CBS and three Turner networks with the Shazam app will be able to gain access to updated brackets, scores and statistics, player details and March Madness Twitter feeds. Also obtainable is music in the productions, which presumably will include CBS’ iconic “One Shining Moment” that plays after the final game.

Shazam is one of the technologies being used to facilitate second-screen viewing as people increasingly watch TV with smartphones and tablets in hand.

LG Electronics is an NCAA corporate partner, and Shazam’s arrangement with the company allows for a “music bracket,” a replication of the tournament bracket but with 64 top artists. Votes will determine which ones move through.  

There will also be a trivia game connected with Facebook and “tag charts” showing popular songs from the 13 cities hosting tournament games.

Viewers can also tag LG ads to enter a contest to go to Atlanta, the Final Four city.



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