Analyze This, And That: WebSideStory Develops Integration Software

Web analytics-engine WebSideStory yesterday launched new software it claims will help its strategic partners better integrate disparate digital marketing applications used to track and analyze Web user behavior. WebSideStory executives hope the software will enable partners like Responsys and Atomz to integrate their applications more quickly.

The intranet suite software, known to techies as an application-programming interface, enables WebSideStory's partners to incorporate their products, services, and data with their analytics reporting--visitor information and behavior--giving their customers better site visitor insights for gauging campaigns.

The new software, touted by WebSideStory executives as an "HBX Stream," appears to fit the bill for a growing list of partners in a saturated analytics industry.

"The HBX Stream makes analytics automatically actionable for our clients so they can make the necessary adjustments to their Web-marketing immediately," says CEO of Atomz, Steven Kusmer.

Atomz--which manages analytics for Time-Warner, CBS, palmOne, and Gannett, among others--is the latest company to team with WebSideStory.

The "HBX Stream" is available to all providers of online marketing technology, including e-mail service providers, search engine marketing firms, and affiliate marketing companies, according to Eric Bratt, WebSideStory's director of corporate communications.

Notably, WebSideStory's software can only track and integrate the behavior of site visitors who volunteer their personal information for--say--a mailing list or product purchase, says Bratt.

"They have a purpose," Kusmer says of WebSideStory, which currently serves over 550 clients. "They want to achieve a seamless, all-encompassing 'eco-system' for its clients to truly understand their users' behavior and then spend accordingly."

The "HBX Stream" consists of two components, explains Bratt. "There's a partner support system, including joint marketing and sales commitments, and access to a suite of APIs that let partners integrate their data, products, and services with HBX's analytics technology." Bratt continues: "Our platform provides joint customers with actionable intelligence and reduces the number of applications they need to get the job done."

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