Optimize Your Online Presence: 5 Tips

Spring is here -- which means two things: warmer weather and Pinterest feeds filling up with DIY cleaning solutions and organization tips. But as you’re searching for “pinspiration” on how to finally reorganize your office, consider spring cleaning your online presence. Here are five simple steps you should take to get your online presence in great shape.

1. Tidy up your Google+ Local page

Setting up and optimizing your Google+ Local Page is critical to help consumers find your business online and offline, as your location information feeds the results for your Google map listing. It also features your business Web site, phone number, customer reviews, hours of operation, and photos and videos, so keeping it accurate and up to date is essential for attracting consumers. After owner-verifying your Google+ Local page, add keyword-rich business information, content, and photos to give consumers insight into your business. To boost your online reputation, begin asking satisfied customers to rate your business and leave you a review on your Google+ Local page. 



2. Cultivate relationships with your social fans and followers

Your fans and followers are more than just numbers -- they are supporters and brand advocates who take time to connect with you online. Likes, comments, shares, tweets, and other social engagements can drive social discovery from friends of fans and help build awareness of your business online. But it’s also important to nurture your existing relationships by showing your fans and followers your appreciation while also rolling out a clean “Welcome” mat for your new fans. Here are a few quick and simple ideas:

  • A few minutes each week, create personal posts mentioning individual customers and thanking them for their business.
  • Post photos of customers using your products or services to your social sites (with their permission). If you can, tag individuals in the photos and encourage them to comment, like, and share the post.
  • Promote an exclusive offer just for fans to thank current customers, gain more followers, and promote brand loyalty.

3. Spruce up your online reputation

Consider reaching out to new customers whose email addresses you gathered over the holidays, and asking for reviews. You can also create and hand out flyers to new customers, asking them to review your product or service on sites like Yelp or Google+ Local. If you really want to make the most of a great review, ask your happy customers if they would be willing to do a video testimonial. You can then share the video across all of your social profiles, and on your Web site, promoting an authentic review of your business.

4. Give your online presence a facelift

Are the products and services you offer outdated on your Web site? Are your social profile images from last year? Adding updated information, new photos of your staff, interesting videos, and new specials are all great ways to keep your Web site and social media pages fresh and relevant. Also, if you have recently added any new products or services, locations, or team members, be sure to add them to all your sites, profiles, and listings as well. You should also take this time to make sure that your promotions are accurate and consistent across all your online ads and landing pages so you don’t set false expectations for potential customers.

5. Shape your online presence

In addition to adding new information, you should trim any old or obsolete information from your Web site, local listings, and social media pages. Remove old services or products that you no longer offer, former employees that no longer work for your business, expired offers or specials, and any copy that is no longer relevant. Having inaccurate information can not only hurt your rankings in search engine results but also damage your reputation with consumers who could be misled by false representations of your business.

Although these items are not always at the top of your priority list, remember that your online pages are available to consumers at home or on the go. So take a little time this spring to shape your online presence.

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