4Info Bows New Mobile Targeting For Direct Mail, Online

Mobile advertising technology company 4Info is launching a new mobile ad targeting product, AdHaven Bullseye, that allows advertisers to target consumers and measure effectiveness more precisely, including calculating in-store sales lift from mobile ads.

Currently, the company has linked 110 million mobile devices to 97 million U.S. households. This should enable advertisers to deliver ads with precision comparable to both online and direct mail campaigns.

The AdHaven Bullseye service draws data from a variety of third-party data sources, including Acxiom, Datalogix, and Nielsen Catalina, as well as data from the company’s own databases, to draw connections between mobile devices and households.

Together with purchase data, the AdHaven Bullseye technology should also allow advertisers to assess the effectiveness of mobile advertising in terms of actual in-store sales lift, according to 4Info.

The company has also taken steps to ensure consumer privacy by matching household data to mobile device data without exposing or storing any personally-identifiable information. Advertisers don’t know the household addresses of mobile users receiving targeted mobile ads. Consumers can also opt out of the targeted mobile ads through a mobile ads preference manager provided by TRUSTe.



This is the latest in a series of new product launches from 4Info.

In March, Catalina unveiled BuyerVision Mobile, a mobile ad platform specifically designed for CPG brands in collaboration with 4Info, which delivers personalized marketing messages and media based on the consumer’s in-store purchase history. BuyerVision Mobile enables advertisers to deliver ads and promotions to mobile users' in-app or via mobile video or mobile Web.


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