NPD: Many Kids Call The Shots In Snacks, Breakfast

Kids-Eating-Breakfast-AKids are eating 43 more meals at home per year, on average than a decade ago, and they’re most apt to determine what they eat for in-between meal snacks and breakfast, according to new food-market research from The NPD Group.

Fully 46% of kids ages two to 17 choose what they eat for snacks, and nearly a third (31%) decide what they eat for breakfast, NPD reports.

That’s versus 24% who choose their lunch meals, and just 3% who choose their dinner meals.

However, those in their teens are more than twice as likely to influence what will be eaten for any in-home meal occasion. 

“Stay-at-home dinners are quickly growing across all kids’ age groups, especially as tight budgets continue to restrict the number of restaurant meals families can afford,” and food/beverage makers that understand the influencers and item-choice trends can best leverage these opportunities, points out NPD food and beverage industry analyst Darren Seifer.



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