Samsung's Smartphone 'Simpler' Than Apple's

Iphone-Galaxy-S-III-Clash-AApple may tout the iPhone’s intuitiveness, but more consumers register Samsung’s Galaxy S as a “simpler” device.

According to a survey of 400 consumers conducted by Siegel + Gale in a head-to-head contest consumers were required to be familiar with the devices, though not necessarily owners of both), Samsung’s Galaxy series smartphones were cited as simpler by consumers, thanks to its compatibility with non-proprietary apps and devices, as well as its simple, easy-to-use advanced sharing features. 

“Even though Apple is considered a simple brand, the Samsung Galaxy was viewed as simpler than the iPhone,” Gail Nelson, global chief marketing officer for Siegel + Gale, tells Marketing Daily. “Samsung, in particular, is doing a good job explaining to users that it’s easy to operate.”



The so-called “Battle of the Brands” is based on the strategic branding firm’s annual Global Brand Simplicity Index report, which ranks many different consumer products and industries based on their perceived simplicity. (The head-to-head battle, it must be noted, only pitted the devices against each other. On an overall brand level, Apple is still perceived as simpler than Samsung.)

The idea of simplicity among smartphones is important for the brands when it comes to attracting new consumers, Nelson says. “For non-users, [the iPhone] tends to be a bit of a black box,” she says. “[Samsung’s Galaxy] looks beautiful and simple, and their advertising communications have been different. They’ve focused on the features and functionality such as high-speed file transfer.”

If the idea of Samsung’s simplicity continues to spread, it could have wider implications for Apple, particularly as news about Apple’s decreasing margins and Samsung’s increasing sales hit the business world, Nelson says. “You can’t look at this outside of the wider world,” she says. “There are upstarts who have proof points and a price advantage [over Apple].”

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