financial services Enlists Photo-Bombing Dog

  • April 16, 2013

Otis, the scene-stealing dog, has gone from meme to mascot.

Having garnered Internet and media attention by appearing in nearly every photo of an apartment for rent in Chicago, Otis, “the scene-stealing dog,” has now been signed by as the mascot for the company’s pet-friendly rental listings. (Part of his salary will be donated to Chicago’s Almost Home Foundation, the shelter from which he was adopted.”

“We know how important it is for renters to find a home that meets all their needs and the needs of their furry family members,” said Barbara O'Connor, executive vice president of marketing at Move Inc., in a statement. “We think Otis will do a great job of representing our dedication to pet-friendly listings and, as an extension, our commitment to delivering the best tools available to help renters find the right house or apartment for them.”



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