In Web Series, Lincoln Says Hello To Vimeo

Lincoln-art-ALincoln Motor is aligning its "Hello, Again" campaign to a curated Web content series via video content network Vimeo's new "Brand Creative Fund." The platform, in which Lincoln is the first to participate, is intended as a platform for branded video content developed by Vimeo's network of member producers and funded by the automaker. 

Lincoln's series of videos is being distributed across the channel's network -- which, per Vimeo, reflects the work from a pool of 15 million members and gets about 100 million monthly viewers. Vimeo says the content also gets distribution beyond its channel via an HD widget.

Four filmmakers -- Lucy McRae, Jeff Frost, Eliot Rausch and "Becky & Joe" -- were tapped by Vimeo to make the content, meant to reflect the "Hello, Again" mantra of innovation that turns an old idea into something new. 



Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor tells Marketing Daily that Lincoln has not worked with Vimeo on any program before now. "On the simplest level is the idea on how to enable brands to tap into the global network of creators who have made Vimeo their home," he says. "By doing this, we can come up with media dollars, and that gives artists an opportunity to create original content. It plays into the unique strengths of Vimeo."  

Each “Lincoln Brand Creative Fund” film will each be accompanied by its own behind-the-scenes production that highlights the creators’ work and vision. An introductory video launched on April 23, and each of the four producers' videos and "making of" footage will launch on successive Tuesdays. 

Vimeo staff reached out to a handful of creators for the project, a "back and forth" process, per Trainor, who added: "Lincoln has been really supportive in terms of being up for helping select and commission the artists." He adds that Lincoln didn't dictate the creative direction for the videos. "The objective is not to produce spots but create original content." 

Predecessors reflecting how brands have used Vimeo's network include an Old Spice program in the fourth quarter with AOR Wieden + Kennedy called "Muscle Music" and interactive content Old Spice guy Terry Crews with electrodes attached to his muscles. Users could choose musical instruments that would play when he flexed his muscles. "That was a big success; as a viral video and interactive piece, it went well beyond the typical spot."

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