Acura, Microsoft Sponsor Free NYT Video Access

Visitors to The New York Times’ Web site and mobile apps will get free access to online and mobile video, courtesy of advertising sponsorships by Acura and Microsoft.

The sponsorships give visitors access to all live and on-demand video across various categories, including news, world, business, science, opinion, arts and sports.

Under the terms of the sponsorships, video views will not be counted toward the limit of 10 free articles per month for non-subscribers enforced by the NYT’s online paywall.

However, the paywall remains in place for other types of content including text and images, requiring a paid digital subscription for access after the monthly limit is reached.



Some of the free NYT video content is preceded by short pre-roll ads for Microsoft or Acura, but spots from other advertising clients, like Allianz, are still running on some players on the Web site. The sponsorships are being promoted with banner ads on the newspaper's Web site.  

NYT Executive Vice President for digital products and services Denise Warren explained the rationale behind the sponsorships: “As we continue to tell stories through video and increase our offerings, we want to ensure users can watch and explore our video content with ease.”

Last month, the NYT unveiled a major redesign of its Web site, with a new configuration resembling a mobile app. The new look, previewed here, promises to simplify navigation and allow readers to organize content according to their interests. The text is broken up by several large pictures, video screens, and slide shows. At the top of the page, links to other articles in the same section are displayed in the form of a row of tiles containing pictures and headlines; readers can scroll right and left in this section to see other articles.


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