Tecate Targets Spanish-Dom U.S. Men


Tecate is launching two tongue-in-cheek campaigns targeting Spanish-dominant men in the U.S. -- one for Tecate and one for Tecate Light.

Titled “Es Fácil Ser Hombre” (“It’s Easy Being a Man”), the Tecate campaign includes three TV spots which launched April 22 featuring situations that showcase how men use their ingenuity, wit and humor to resolve problems.

TV launched nationally with particular emphasis in the brand’s key markets, which include Calif., Texas, N.M., Ariz., and Ill. Radio and out-of-home, launching April 29, will run in key markets. The campaign will run through the summer and into early fall.

Since the ads are running in Mexico and the U.S., the creative includes scenarios that all Hispanic men can relate to -- not just Mexicans, said Felix Palau, Tecate’s vice president of marketing.



A second effort featuring Tecate Light launches April 29 and targets bicultural Hispanic millennial men with an English-language campaign, Paluau tells Marketing Daily.

“This push consists of radio and out-of-home that humorously plays with English and Spanglish words commonly used by this target,” he said. “Both campaigns will run at similar times, in different targeted outlets.”

The two efforts indicate a monumental uptick in the amount of advertising the brand is doing.

“In the past, we’ve had only a few out-of-home ads for Tecate Light,” he said. “But based on consumer insights and the growth of the brand in the Sunbelt states, we’re executing full campaigns for each brand for the first time.”

Tecate’s target has always been Hispanic men, Palau said.

“In the past, we focused more on the Mexican newcomer who’s been in the U.S. for less than 10 years, but over the years our target has extended to include all Hispanic men of character despite their language of choice,” he said.

Handled by MediaVest MV42, the media buy includes Univision, Telemundo, UniMas, Galavision, Estrella TV, Fox Deportes, ESPN Deportes, Univision Deportes, Azteca, LA TV and Nuvo TV.   

The campaign was created by Olabuenaga Chemistri, Tecate’s advertising AOR based out of Mexico City, and is also running in Mexico.

In “Boda” (“Wedding”), the bride throws the bouquet and is confused when it bounces back. After a few tries the camera turns to reveal the reason why the bouquet is being sent back, showing a man jumping in to throw the flowers back to the bride. The spot ends with the narrator saying: “A man prefers an uncomplicated life.”

“Llaves” (“Keys”) shows a man coming home late from a night out. When he tries to open the door he realizes he does not have his keys, and uses his cell phone to call for help. A group of mariachis show up to serenade his wife, which leads to her opening the door and letting him in without knowing he had forgotten his keys and without reprimanding him for the time. The narrator closes the spot with: “A man knows there is always another way in.”

The third spot, “Pétalos” (“Petals”), shows a woman coming home and finding a path of rose petals and candles that lead her down the hall. The path ends in front of the refrigerator and upon arriving, she hears her husband calling from another room: “Honey, since you’re already in the kitchen, could you please bring me a Tecate?” The narrator finishes by saying: “A man knows how to get what he wants.”

The Spanish-language radio and out-of-home follow the same tone and humor as the TV ads.

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