Third-Party Data Usage Doubles Among Online Video Advertisers

TubeMogul today released a research brief containing new data and information about audience targeting in online video advertising. The data was aggregated from TubeMogul's programmatic platform.

The company reports that 70.9% of brand advertisers use third-party data, more than double compared to last year. However, despite the immense increase in third-party data usage, the targeted campaigns that utilize that data have a completion rate that's 9.1% lower than context- and region-based campaigns. 

TubeMogul explains that the lower completion rates are somewhat misleading for marketers. One reason why is because targeted campaigns need to run on a broader (mid-tier) set of sites to achieve scale. Because of this, consumers are more likely to encounter an ad for a second time. The report says that a "completed ad is more than twice as likely to be remembered." If a consumer sees, completes, and remembers an ad, they will be less likely to complete the ad the second time around.

The research also reveals that purchase intent is higher among viewers that were exposed to audience-targeted video ads despite the lower completion rates. Viewers had an intent to purchase that was 3.2% higher than a control group that did not see the ad. The research brief can be viewed here.



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