Robert Scoble Doesn't Want To Take His Google Glass Device Off...Ever

Google-Glasses-Shower-BLongtime industry analyst Robert Scoble has been giving his readers some unique insight and perspective on the Google Glass wearable device… even from the shower. He posted an image over the weekend demonstrating how waterproof the device proved to be when he brought it into the shower. “This has changed my life. I will never live a day without it on,” he states boldly on his Google+ page.

On a less unsettling note, Scoble has been wearing the device for two weeks and has some interesting thoughts on how the device may very well impact future uses of the Google search engine, and even our reliance on handheld mobile devices. Of particular note for the mobile world, Scoble believes that the Google device is “more social” than using the mobile phone because it does not require looking down into a screen. It also simply makes all posting of personal content that much easier.



Scoble tries to diffuse some recent worries about the privacy implications of a device that can photograph and video record surreptitiously anyone that the user is viewing. “I was shocked by how few negative reactions I got,” he says. And he found that teenagers especially were strongly enthusiastic about trying it.

Google has initially prohibited its Google Glass app developers from including advertising in content. But Scoble insists that support may not be needed at all if Google turns this platform into a pure e-commerce play. “Google could collect a micropayment anytime I complete a transaction like reserving a seat at a restaurant, or getting a book delivered to my house, or telling something like Bloomingdales ‘get me these jeans.’ There is literally billions of dollars to be made with this new commerce-based system, rather than force us to sit and look at ads, the way Facebook and tons of other services do.”

While test groups and lucky high-profile bloggers like Scoble are getting their hands on Google Glass now, Google appears to be aiming for a general consumer release within the next year.



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