How Do Marketers Define Multichannel At Work?

Do marketers use the term multichannel marketing in-house? Not really. At least none of the marketers on a panel called, "Multi-Channel Marketing: Stop The Talk, Give Some Proof," at the Email Insider Summit today. What do they call it?

"We call it data-enabled targeting," said John McMahon, senior manager of marketing at Intuit. "The information we understand about who you are to deliver the offer that you want."

Erin Levzow, director of e-commerce and interactive marketing at Palms Casino Resort, said that if she used the word multichannel at the office no one would know what she meant. "For us it is about finding the right person, at the right time, in the right place," she said. "It goes back to the behavior."

Katya Constantine, senior manager of marketing at Parallels, said that the term multichannel doesn't resonate at her company. "What does resonate is when you describe, this is how I am going to touch the customer...that is how we map the customer lifecycle," said Constantine. "We want to bring them in to the awareness."

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