Engagement: 'Dead' Walks Off With Top TV Ranking


AMC’s "Walking Dead" doesn’t break the top-50 list in the Nielsen ratings. But in Optimedia’s Content Power Ratings, released this week, the Zombie-themed show was the No. 1-ranked network program of the 2012-13 TV season.

In addition to TV viewing as measured by Nielsen, Optimedia’s CPRs take into account a range of cross-platform, online, social media and engagement metrics, as well as the agency’s own proprietary research.

The shop said "The Walking Dead" climbed to the top of the CPR list this year (up from the 19th spot last year) due to its “high advocacy and engagement levels.”

Fox stalwart "The Simpsons" placed second in this season’s CPRs, followed by CBS’ "Big Bang Theory." Rounding out the top five shows were Fox’s "X-Factor" and "American Idol," which took the top spot in last season’s CPR rankings.

The agency reported that this season’s new CBS drama, "Elementary," was the only new program to crack the top-25 CPR list, driven by its audience size and advocacy levels. The show placed 24th on the list.

ABC Family’s "Pretty Little Liars," which was 176th in the Nielsens, placed 9th on the CPR list “due to its extremely social audience,” per the agency.

“CPR assists Optimedia in identifying valuable marketing opportunities for our clients with the most engaging television content in the multiscreen world we now inhabit,” stated Optimedia President David Ehlers.



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