New Brand Logo Updates 21st Century Fox

21st-century-fox-new-logoAs part of its move to separate its print and electronic media businesses, News Corp. is changing up its TV/movie business brand a bit: Releasing a new logo for its newly named 21st Century Fox.

News Corp. says the new brand icon takes in the longtime cultural heritage of the previous unit's name Twentieth Century Fox and moves it forward. The new logo keeps the company's theme of two spotlights. This time it's in a blue circle. Next to this appears the new unit's name.

In previous logo variations, the Twentieth Century Fox name appeared in a 3D type of font on top building -- a movie theater, perhaps -- in a nighttime cityscape with spotlights on either side shining up to the sky. In the recent incarnation, the logo appears more simply in black and white with just a spotlight on each side.

Last year in June, News Corp. announced plans to split into two companies. News Corp. will be for its publishing assets and businesses in Australia. The new 21st Century Fox will house all TV assets, including Fox broadcasting and cable networks, such as FX, Fox News Channel and upcoming Fox Sports 1. The split is planned to take place sometime this year.

Midday trading of News Corp. stock was at $33.43, virtually unchanged.



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