Tech That Secures Quality Content Will Drive Brands, Platforms

ouTube-Video-BThe increase in the quality of content produced and served across the Web signals a move by brands and platform providers to changes in consumer consumption patterns. Push technologies geared toward mobile devices will have the greatest impact on quality, rather than quantity.

The Mad Video will release an interactive video tool Wednesday for brands and content creators that can turn each frame of a video into content. The platform allows marketers to select and tag any image in a video to make the products in the image searchable in search engines or share across many social networks to generate traffic. The tool works on iPads and Android-running devices.

The Prado Museum in Madrid, Iberia Division of Sony Pictures Television, and El Corte Ingles continue to test the platform. El Corte Ingles, which created a campaign of more than 100 images, generated nearly one click to a landing page from each, according to Koldo Garcia, The Mad Video co-founder and CEO.

In the long term, the technology will allow The Mad Video and its clients to create a database of quality images from videos segmented that technology platforms like Google Now will pull from. The higher the quality and relevance to the topic, the better chance the content will appear.

Joelle Kaufman, head of marketing at Bloomreach, agrees that quality must come first, as companies start pushing content to consumers -- otherwise it becomes spam. "That's a bad experience for consumers, search engines and publishers," she said. "The bigger the Web gets, the more stringent the quality standards must become."

Bloomreach just debuted an interface in its marketing analytics dashboard to help companies identify ailing Web pages. The Continuous Quality Management view serves four quality metrics for each page managed by the company's platform. The four monitor and analyze metrics from intent to behavior, monitoring bounce rates and conversions to determine how well the page addresses visitors' needs.

Marketers access the tools through an interface in the dashboard and use the unique metrics to set rules and filter pages. Bloomreach will soon support a similar feature for social content.

Content becomes more important as engines like Google and Bing rely on push technology through services like Google Now, where calendar entries, traffic conditions, emails, and search history trigger alerts. Some believe that content, or ads, will support a multitude of free services that sit atop search data.

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