2 Audiences, 2 Approaches For Samsung Monitors

Samsung-Monitor-Ad-BWhen we get consumers to shell out money for high-end computer monitors, it’s important to give them a compelling reason. In the case of Samsung, which is targeting both visual arts hobbyists and general consumers for its Series 9 monitors, it’s important to give two compelling reasons -- one for each audience.

In two online videos, created by digital marketing agency Possible, the company takes different approaches to the different targets, using humor to woo the general consumers  while showing off the monitors’ creative superiority to people who have a more than a passing interest in photography. 

The first video, aimed at the “proteur” market (identified as consumers who have an active interest in photography), depicts renowned photographer Chase Jarvis attempting to create a vivid and colorful dream with the assistance of Samsung Series 9 monitors



“It’s a target that cares a little bit more than the man on the street about their monitor,” Nicole Michels McDonagh, creative lead on the project for Possible, tells Marketing Daily. “We really wanted to make an effort and give the audience something that was tailored to them.”

In the video, Jarvis uses the Samsung monitors to match the colors he sees in a recurring dream he has of floating on clouds of colors. After honing the hues and putting colored powder in the explosive pots, Jarvis gets on a trampoline to capture the image. “Anytime a brand asks you if you want to photograph your dreams, you obviously say yes,” Jarvis says at the end of the video. 

A second video, targeting a more general consumer, takes a lighter tone, depicting a man and his “dog” (really just an inanimate stuffed animal). He goes throughout his day with the animal, taking it for a walk, encouraging people to pet it, feeding it bacon from the table, until he passes a bank of Samsung monitors featuring a real, animated puppy. After seeing the real dog, he eyes his own pet suspiciously. 

“For the general audience, it was about authenticity,” Michels McDonagh says. The video is the first for the Series 9 monitors to target a broader base of consumers beyond photographers, according to the agency.

The campaign will run on Samsung Monitors’ social media channels throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, and the film featuring Jarvis will run on his sites as well.

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