Sell-Side Solutions Provider Adomik Raises 1.3 Million Euroes

  • May 17, 2013

Adomik recently closed a 1.3 million ($1.66 million) round of funding from Elaia Partners and Iris Capital. The small Paris-based company describe themselves as a solutions provider to "online publishers seeking to embrace" the new model of programmatic ad exchanges. In an earlier post, the company wrote that the demand-side has a healthy supply of "dedicated algorithms and technology," so adomik helps advertisers answer their programmatic questions: "what to sell, at what price, to what buyer?"

In the company's blog post announcing the funding, Nicolas Schueller, adomik's founder and CEO, stated, "For the past couple of years, publishers have increasingly used ad-exchanges, but they are still exploring its vast array of optimization options." 

Commenting on why Elaia Partners invested in adomik, Partner Xavier Lazarus stated, "Until now most of the innovation effort has been driven by buyers on ad-exchanges. By focusing on the publisher side, adomik seeks to re-establish a balance of power, which it believes will be a guarantee of success for the ad-exchange market."



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