Dish TV Expands On-Demand

Iphone-Dish-Dish Network, which has allowed subscribers to watch live TV on mobile devices for some time, is expanding access to on-demand content from networks and its Blockbuster-branded offering.

On-demand content has been accessible via iPads, but will now be available with certain Android and other Apple devices.

For all users of the Dish Anywhere app, integrated Twitter and Facebook usage is being made available.

All customers eligible to use Dish Anywhere can now access the full panoply of their subscriptions on the go from live TV to their DVR recordings to on-demand.

Dish Anywhere also has an audio-only opportunity to listen to content while driving or performing other tasks, where watching and doing are not compatible.

Recently, Dish gave new subscribers taking the Hopper DVR a choice of receiving a free iPad or a discounted rate for signing up for a year.



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