Voltari Gears Up For Performance-Based Models, Releases SecondClick Tech

While real-time in mobile hasn't seen the explosive growth online has, the technology is catching up. After officially announcing their mobile RTB platform last week, Voltari, a predictive analytics solutions provider for mobile, today launched SecondClick, which allows brands to target consumers beyond their initial click in real-time. 

David Castillo, chief technology officer at Voltari, told RTM Daily that because the mobile advertising industry is moving towards performance-based models, Voltari wants to be prepared. Part of that preparation was releasing SecondClick.

The second click is a "clear decision point for most consumers," Rich Stalzer, Voltari's CEO said in an earlier statement. Castillo agreed, saying that following through to the second click "helps optimize on conversions."



Castillo said that what differentiates SecondClick's technology from other similar offerings is that a "score card" is updated in real-time. "Real-time scoring…allows us to look at any behavior post-first click and apply it immediately to our score card," he commented. The score cards are updated with training data, which analyzes live data to create new predictors, every 5-20 minutes. "[The] coefficients will change according to whose clicking on what in that second click experience," Castillo claimed.

In theory, the company's new SecondClick technology will allow advertisers to have real-time predictors based on second click data. This technology, along with their new mobile RTB platform, are gearing Voltari up for what they think is the future of mobile advertising. While the growth of RTB in mobile hasn't skyrocketed, Castillo argued that it has met expectations, and, in the near future, will take off.

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