Missed Digital Ops Hurt Marketers, Trad Media Scores Credibility Points

Some 43% of consumers say most marketing "is a bunch of B.S.," while about 30% of U.S. consumers perceive online advertising as less effective compared with offline and 54% believe Web banner ads don't work at all. A global study also analyzes consumer behavior to identify missed opportunities brands have to connect online with new and loyal fans.

The "Click Here: The State of Online Advertising" study polled both consumers and marketers in seven countries across the United States, Asia-Pacific and Europe to analyze insights into the effectiveness of online marketing. Both consumers and marketers believe online advertising needs a boost, 32% and 21%, respectively.

Marketers need to work on improving their worth to society. Educational content on products and services can help. The profession consistently ranks as one of the least valuable, though 24% of consumers and 47% of marketers in Asia-Pacific view it more favorably.



While 45% of United States, 25% of Asia-Pacific, and 28% of European marketers agree marketing primarily helps inform consumers on brands, products and services, in Asia-Pacific, a significant percentage of marketers think it both educates (15%) and reflects and shapes cultures (14%).

Clicking on the thumbs-up button gives consumers a way to show their interest in products to friends and family. Consumers have become more comfortable with targeted ads based on behavior, but when their personal information gets shared with third-party companies, the privacy line gets crossed, according to Adobe Systems.

Between 53% and 46% of U.S. consumers “like” brands they regularly buy or that have promotions, while 33% consumers in Asia-Pacific, and 26% of those in Europe are more driven to “like” by aspirations and 40% by brand personality, according to the study.

Conversely, print and television advertising received higher scores for credibility and effectiveness among consumers and marketers in all regions. Globally, 94% of consumers voted for traditional media compared with 91% of marketers. Digital advertising bodes well with 52% of consumers when it comes to trust and effectiveness, compared with 68% of marketers.

Some 42% of survey respondents in Asia-Pacific were most likely to relate to TV and print ads, followed by 36% in Europe and 31% in the U.S. Text message ads in Asia-Pacific connected with 34% of consumers and 24% of marketers, who said they are not considered annoying compared with 62% of consumers and 59% of marketers in the U.S. and 62% of consumers and 57% of marketers in Europe.

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