Univision Expects 15% Upfront Gain, Could See $2.1B

U.S. English-language broadcast networks continue to suffer under the weight of slightly lower upfront volume overall. But the picture is brighter for Spanish-language broadcasters.

Univision is on pace to gain 15% in upfront dollar volume this year, according to media executives, adding that the network has completed 75% of its targeted upfront deals so far.

Projections are that Univision could pull in some $2.1 billion for its entire upfront take.

The network also grabbed 5% to 6% gains on the cost per thousand viewers, comparable to the CPM levels that Fox network obtained this year. Media executives say the big Spanish-language broadcast is moving at a slightly faster pace than a year ago.

Projections are that the entire national TV Spanish-language media could get to some $2.7 billion this year. To date, media analysts say CBS remained at about the same upfront level as a year ago -- $2.6 billion, at around 7% CPMs hikes. Fox, however, dropped around 10% to land at $1.7 billion. The CW -- which completed its upfront deals before anyone else -- got to $410 million and 5% to 6% CPM gains, about the same as 2012.

A Univision spokesperson had no comment.



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