Shazam Launches Service To Measure TV Campaigns

On the heels of other social media apps looking to help out TV brand advertisers with new metrics, music and entertainment discovery app Shazam has started a new service to measure the effectiveness of TV campaigns.

Shazam says it combines third-party industry data for people viewing a particular ad with the people who engaged with that same ad through its service. By combining two data points, it reveals which ads are having an impact -- or not -- with viewers, offering insights available by show, type of show, channel, day of week, and daypart mix, among other factors.

The new service for TV advertisers -- the Shazam Engagement Rate -- factors the volume of tagged commercials divided by the gross rating points (GRP) for each of those airings. Shazam gets GRP information from Nielsen.

In a presentation at the Cannes Lions event, Rich Riley, chief executive officer of Shazam, said: “By showing brands where they are seeing actual engagement -- not just viewers, but people who are leaning in and asking for more information -- Shazam is able to provide an entirely new service to advertisers: measurement and accountability on how effectively an ad campaign connects with the target audience.”

Social media giant Twitter recently announced deals with TV networks -- as well as other efforts that would allow TV brand advertisers to better target potential consumers.

For its app, Shazam says it has done over 250 TV connected ad campaigns — including Pepsi, Toyota, Barclays, and Sony Pictures -- to provide consumers with more information and special offers



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