Twitter: High Awareness, Low Favorability

Facebook and Twitter may enjoy high awareness among consumers, but they're not getting much love. A new survey by research firm E-Score suggests 85% of people know of Facebook, while three-quarters are aware of Twitter (76%), followed by Google+ (58%), eHarmony (56%) and (47%).


The 1,100-person survey, spanning a representative sampling of the U.S. population, also gauged attitudes toward social platforms by asking people how much they liked or disliked each. Facebook, for example, had an “appeal” rating of 50%, meaning half of those surveyed said they liked the social network at least somewhat.


That might not be great, but among popular social sites, only Yelp had a higher favorable rating, at 51%, trailed by Google+ (45%), Pinterest (42%), Instagram (27%), and LinkedIn (24%). Twitter came in even lower, at 18%, with the two dating sites—eHarmony and—both at just 6%. Could blind dates make a comeback?


When it comes to Twitter, the study indicated users find it more of a chore to maintain because it requires more constant attention than Facebook or other social sites. At the same time, new data from combined spending by four large holding companies—Aegis, Havas, Interpublic and Publicis—shows spending on Twitter jumped 95% in May.


Facebook and Twitter, respectively, had 140 million and 92 million monthly unique viewers, according to the E-Score report, with Pinterest further back, at 75 million.

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