LinkedIn Hits 3 Million Company Pages

  • June 27, 2013

LinkedIn on Thursday announced hitting 3 million company pages on the professional networking site, with 500,000 added in just the last 12 months.

“The companies on LinkedIn span all major industries around the globe and are based in locations as remote as Tonga, as cold as Antarctica and as hot as the Western Sahara. Companies like Mashable and Virgin Media have built robust relationships with their followers, engaging them with posts about hot trends, behind the scenes look at their culture, industry best practices, and more,” stated a LinkedIn blog post.

Among other facts about company pages, it published in an infographic today:

*Company branding efforts, such as Inside looks and interviews, draw the most engagement.

*There are 4,000 think tanks on LinkedIn.

*Over 1,000 pages focus on nanotechnology.

*There are 490 company names with the words “Ninja,” “Pirate,” or “Samurai.”

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