Microsoft Exploring Ad Options With Facebook

Microsoft's partnership with Facebook takes Bing advertisements into Facebook. The two companies are testing several features, such as advertising formats, how Bing ads work on the social site, and how social annotations and feedback on ads in algorithmic results work.

Bing and Facebook have begun working on ad formats that will allow social site members to "like" an advertisement. "We'll run a pilot for about 30 to 60 days with a select number of advertisers," said David Pann, general manager of the Microsoft Advertising Search Group.

Reminiscent of Google +1, Facebook site members will have an option to 'like' an ad in Facebook results.

The goal for Microsoft becomes integrating Bing ads into all types of media and devices. The company will enable advertisers to target Windows 8.1 operating system users, not just on Web search query results, but inside Windows Smart Search. The ads support previews, snapshots of the advertisers' landing page in the search results.



Last week, Microsoft launched a preview version of the Windows 8.1 OS that allows anyone using Bing to search on Web, device and cloud to find information. Bing Ads within Windows 8.1 Smart Search will let advertisers participating on the Yahoo Bing Network to automatically serve-up without any additional setup.

When asked if video will become one of the features, Pann said it could become one enhancement, but there's no commitment at this time.

Pann did commit to product listing ad similar to Google's PLAs. The ads are in beta with several dozen advertisers, ramping up before the holidays to several hundred and 400 million offers. Bing continues to work to launch click-to-call using Skype in two to three months, along with call-tracking tools.

Bing Sitelinks have began picking up traction, delivering between 20% to 30% click-through rates, local ad extensions more than 30% CTRs, and active campaigns more than 60% year on year. The Yahoo Bing Network continues to expand as well. The duo will roll out into another 30 markets within the next year.

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