Search Intent Signals Find Purpose In Twitter

Bringing the intent signal into social media sites should allow search engine marketers to feel a little more at ease when designing and building campaigns.

Express a desire for a product or service in a Twitter tweet, and a new feature from Topsy enables brand marketers to follow up with a targeted offer or discount.

Sometimes marketers need to find consumers looking for their company's products, rather than wait for consumers to come to them, so Topsy designed a tool providing a real-time Boolean search in social streams based on the keywords or intent found in Twitter tweets.

Topsy, a social analytics platform for real-time discovery and marketing, allows marketers to conduct searches with multiple keywords and Booleans such as "and," "or," and "not." Previously, users could only search for one term at a time. Marketers could see all conversations on Twitter around "Apple TV," but not the phrases "Apple TV" and "in-market."



Consumers express interest or intent to make purchases on Twitter through keywords in tweets, but brands have had no easy way to identify these people, because many tools require pre-set collection rules to conduct searches.

The tool enables marketers to identify consumers actively searching for products and services and target them with personalized content, offers, and relevant social ads. It brings the search intent signal into social. There also is a geolocation tool that works with the Boolean search feature to find consumers in specific areas.

The tool allows marketers to gain insights that help marketers create targeted ads to consumers looking for products and services from results back to three years, and enables brands to find consumers interested in products or services they offer and engage with them immediately on Twitter.

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