Searches Prompt Action By Age 50-Plus Consumers

Search marketers trying to reach older adults age 50-plus might want to consider video content. A recent report cites search as one of the top online activities for Boomers and seniors -- at 82% and 75%, respectively. Adults age 50 and older take action as a result of searches -- 91% boomers and 85% seniors, respectively.

Not only do they take action after conducting a search, but also after watching a video. In fact, watching online videos has become an "important online activity" for boomers and seniors -- 60% vs. 40%, according to a study from AARP Media, which states that adults age 50 and older use digital media as part of their everyday lives.

Some 75% of boomers and 68% of seniors take action after viewing a video. This is based on data from a recent Google and Ipsos MediaCT U.S. study and additional findings from AARP.



Overall, 57% visit a retail store, and 37% will call a business, store or organization. About 35% of Boomers might search online for more information, and 41% of seniors might forward a link or video to someone.

Some 84% and 71% of seniors cite YouTube as their favorite video site. Seventy-eight percent of U.S. Boomers and 52% of seniors are engaging with online content on a daily basis and are increasingly purchasing portable devices to stay connected all the time.

About 41% of Boomers use a smartphone and 20% a tablet, while 16% of seniors use a smartphone and 14% a tablet -- up 42% and 46%, respectively, from last year. Interestingly, they don't spend time with only one device, but use multiple devices simultaneously -- Boomers 78% vs. seniors 66%.

One in five seniors is likely to purchase a smartphone or tablet device within the next year. About 84% of Boomers and 77% of seniors view the Internet as the number one source for gathering a variety of content, including news, weather, information about health and wellness, or shopping.

The 15-minute survey examines the attitude and behaviors of 6,100 U.S. respondents from March 6 to March 18, 2013.

"Senior Shoppers" photo from Shutterstock.

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