Viewers Use Tablets, Smartphones With -- Or Instead Of -- TV Sets

A second-screen device may be the only TV screen -- as well as a key factor in multi-screen activity -- according to a recent study.

Eighty-five percent of tablet owners and 65% of smartphone owners in 15 countries view online content on those devices instead of on their TVs at least some of the time, the quarterly study from NPD DisplaySearch has found.

On the flip side, about 15% of tablet owners -- as well as 35% of smartphone owners -- never watch online content on their mobile devices because the screens are too small and the sound quality is poor.

The study also notes that 88% of tablet owners and 82% of smartphone owners in 15 countries surveyed use their devices at least some of the time while they watch TV.

Small-screen viewing also affects usage on other devices. NPD says tablets have influenced sales of smaller-sized TVs, but have had no impact on purchases of TVs larger than 30 inches.



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  1. Michelle Ortner from Michelle Ortner - Graphic Design, July 25, 2013 at 6:44 p.m.

    I mostly prefer using both when there are interactive features. Using the interactive features during a program gives the viewer a more personal experience. For example, one of the best concepts, in my opinion, is AMC's Walking Dead Story Sync. If the online video is better quality and also has interactive features then I wouldn't be surprised if that was picked over TV. A great example of this is Game of Thrones of HBO GO. It lets the viewer explore the episode and world much further. I think these methods are great ways of getting viewers onto their websites and hopefully in contact with ads.

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