Discovery Uses Social Media To Promote Shark Week

While the enthusiasm for “Shark Week” now borders on farce, there is nothing silly about the ad frenzy surrounding Discovery’s annual event.

“Shark Week is the best week of the year,” said Guhan Selvaretnam, SVP of Digital Media at Discovery Communications.

Celebrating its 26th anniversary, this year, Discovery is planning to refresh its weeklong homage to shark shock with a big social media push, according to Selvaretnam.

Volkswagen of America, which has once again signed on as the presenting sponsor of “Shark Week,” has been guaranteed a major presence across digital and social platforms.

That includes Shark Week Plus -- an extension of Discovery’s iPad app, which will offer viewers audio-synched extras, featuring behind-the-scenes factoids, photos, quizzes and social conversation.

Volkswagen will also be tightly integrated into the Subaquatic Road Trip, which, in addition to diving into the Shark Cam, will let viewers take a virtual dive with a 360-degree view of the sea in a VW Beetle Shark Cage.

After 10 hours of Twitter-supported programming featuring live fan Tweets in 2012, Discovery is doubling down on #SharkWeek with live, on-air social integration for five nights beginning August 4.

Discovery and National Aquarium also plan on hosting a Google+ Hangout event on August 4 with the help of iJustine, Aquarium experts and Shark After Dark host Josh Wolf.

For the first time, Discovery will also be broadcasting a late-night Shark Week talk show, “Shark After Dark.”



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