YouTube Star May Participate In Kia Campaign

As Kia Motors America prepares to launch its next Soul campaign on television and online, supported by social and search, YouTube star Laina could become a stronger brand advocate for the automaker through loyalty and engaging content.

George Haynes, social and digital media manager at Kia Motors America, declined to confirm whether she might show up in videos taking a road trip across America, posting Twitter tweet and YouTube videos along the way, but did admit the strategy remains in discussions. He runs digital media, paid-search and social campaigns for the car manufacturer.

Content created by brand advocates continues to become more important. Laina, better known as Overly Attached Girlfriend, began her career as a YouTube content creator and star more than a year ago after responding to a Justin Bieber fragrance contest. Online reaction dubbed the now 22-year-old crazy and obsessed, but her crazy obsessions earned her a connection with more than 1 million fans, turning her into a social advocate for the Kia Motors brand.



In September, Laina posted a video "Overly Attached to Souls," which got her a deal with the car manufacture Kia Motors America, along with her dream car, the Kia Soul. "We think the activity on her YouTube page fits the brand's personality," Haynes said. "We don't like the passive approach, but more try and figure out how to work with content."

Brands can't ask for more than an authentic voice to praise their products and services. Texas-based Laina' comedic approach in videos, theatrical view on life and brand obsession works as an authentic voice for the car manufacturer. She began making videos and tweeting on Twitter before forming a formal relationship with the company. Now those videos help to reach Kia's demographic, 18-to-34s, as well as consumers looking for better value based on interests and lifestyle.

The next time you see a red Kia Soul rolling down the road, be sure to wave.
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