Honda Can't Stay Off The Vine: Launches Second Real-Time Nano-Video Campaign

Honda got such a bump from its recent campaign that responded to #wantnewcar Twitter posts with personalized Vine videos that the brand is making a second climb up the Vine. This time it is responding to those who are tweeting their #HondaLove.

The campaign is aimed at getting Honda owners to share their own positive stories about their car. As with the original campaign, Honda will select tweets to which to respond with a Vine video addressed to the sender. The effort is supported by media buys on TV, in print, across digital and on radio. The #hondaLove hashtag will be a promoted trend. A takeover ad on the home page will include a live Twitter feed of the @Honda responses.

Honda says that the first Vine and Twitter rapid-response campaign was a resounding success. They point to 100 million impressions across both paid and earned media. The social media analysts at said their analysis of social activity around that campaign showed that it nearly tripled engagement with the brand on the first and second days of the campaign. Brand mentions rose from a daily average of 166 on Twitter to a first day peak of 2,292.

The first campaign got some extra juice by an unexpected celebrity appearance by singer Rebecca Black whose Vine urged users to come buy a Honda this “Friday…or whenever.&rdquo



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