Acxiom Partners With 4Info For Mobile Retargeting And Attribution At Household Level

One of the largest data and analytics providers to major brands, Acxiom is offering companies the ability to retarget their customers with mobile ads and offers. In a partnership with mobile ad tech provider 4Info, Acxiom customers will be able to match their first-party CRM data against 4Info's database of devices. By targeting a mobile ad campaign only to their own customer base, the marketer should then be able to see the impact of the campaigns on users through actual sales, the companies say.  

“We have 152 million devices in 101 million homes,” says 4Infro CMO Chuck Moxley. The company uses a wide range of historical data along with geolocation to associate devices with specific households. In a client's Acxiom Collaboration Targeting Suite, the 4Info AdHaven Bullseye product will be available to match CRM data against these households and deliver campaigns to the devices in them.



While the 4Info platform does not identify specific users within a household, Moxley says that the model usually maps well against the household level tracking that CPGs and other consumer brands often use. “In most cases we find purchase decisions are household decisions,” says Moxley, although an advertiser can also target demographic segments within a household. 4Info says that by matching devices against households rather than people, the approach does not expose any personally identifiable information.

Moxley says the partnership embodies the AdHaven Bullseye model the company has rolled out in recent months that uses household targeting that then can be tracked back to purchase. “We know exactly which households we served ads to,” he says. “That data goes back to Acxiom and they can correlate it back to purchase data to see if people exposed to a mobile ad are purchasing more than those who are not exposed to a mobile ad.”

The companies also claim that the retargeting can achieve scale by working across the mobile Web and app platforms as well as Android and iOS operating systems. 

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