Viacom To Track VMAs Across Platforms

Viacom and Symphony Advanced Media (SymphonyAM) will launch a custom project to track consumption of MTV content across multiple screens related to the network’s “Video Music Awards” on Aug. 25. The initiative, which will track content and advertising, will employ SymphonyAM’s passive measurement system to monitor behavior on smartphones, tablets, PCs and TV screens before, during and after the show.   

Viacom, in part, is looking to get a better sense of how much dual-screen activity takes place for a major event and the breakdown based on particular platforms. Viacom will be slotting video ads in Twitter streams by using the social-networking site’s Amplify product.



Colleen Fahey Rush, chief research officer for the Viacom networks, stated that the “VMAs” offer a chance to “gather invaluable analytic feedback that will help us better understand not only how audiences approach co-viewing and how often, but also identify the kind of content that has the most resonance.”

Charles Buchwalter, SymphonyAM CEO, stated that the “demographic” watching the VMAs best “represents the phenomenon of simultaneous media consumption across multiple devices” and that his company can help Viacom “understand their audience’s interplay between media devices.”

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