Pepsi Next Sponsors BuzzFeed 'ListiClock'

Those who can't get enough of BuzzFeed's "listicles" can now view a new selection from that seemingly bottomless well every second of every day, courtesy of Pepsi Next.

Under one of its many partnership deals, BuzzFeed is currently featuring a "clock mode" tool on the top of its home page that links to a "ListiClock" that is "Powered by Pepsi Next."

For every hour and minute of the day, the ListiClock displays a listicle that includes the same number. For instance, at 6:11 a.m., it showed "6 Signs Ikea Is Spying On You" and "11 Reasons Why the NBA is Going to be Fun as Hell to Watch this Year!". 

But the real kicker is that every second, it also displays a different list that includes the same number: "10 Unexpected Products By Twiggy," "11 Trees Sprouting Animals," "12 Best Performances of the National Anthem," etc., etc.  (Watching a different listicle pop up every second is mind-boggling, but even BuzzFeed has to rotate the items from its archives over periods of time.)



Every 10 minutes, the minute display shows a list that is specifically sponsored by Pepsi Next -- although, as TechCrunch noted, the content of the sponsored lists seems to be indistinguishable from the site's unsponsored lists. 

Examples of Pepsi Next partner-sponsored listicles: "50 of The Most Unbelievably Adorable Dogs in The Big City," "The 30 Most Unbelievable Things You Can Actually Buy," "10 Completely Unbelievable Stories People Actually Believed" and "20 GIFs That'll Make You Question Reality." OMD Ignition Factory worked with BuzzFeed's creative team to produce Pepsi Next's content, according to BuzzFeed.

The ListiClock, which obviously aims to grab BuzzFeed users with intriguing lists that they will be eager to share with friends via social media, is an extension of Pepsi Next's "Drink It to Believe It" campaign. 

"It's part of our ongoing content stream," Josh Nafman, senior digital brand manager for Pepsi Trademark, tells Marketing Daily. "We want to bring people unbelievable experiences in terms of how they engage with and share content."

The ListiClock will be running on BuzzFeed for "a few months," reports BuzzFeed.

Pepsi Next is promoting the ListiClock on its Twitter account.

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