Jim Beam Honey Teams Humor With A Cause

Jim Beam Honey's new campaign taps "Jackie Chiles," the fictional attorney from "Seinfeld" (played by actor Phil Morris), to "sue the bears."

Why? Because they eat the honey that should be reserved for humans -- or so the infamous "attorney" is arguing on behalf of the whiskey brand.

Jim Beam Honey is documenting Chiles's ursine legal crusade in videos and other content featured on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and BuzzFeed.

On BuzzFeed, sponsored content already posted includes "12 reasons Why Bears Are the Absolute Worst," 10 Reasons Why Honey Is the Greatest Ingredient Ever," and "11 Things You Should Know Right Now About Honey Bees."

The humorous campaign is tied to a cause: For every tweet using the hashtag #suethebears, Jim Beam Honey will donate $100 to the Pollinator Partnership (up to $25,000).

The funding will help the nonprofit research the "Colony Collapse Disorder" threatening bees and the agriculture that depends on their pollination.



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