CBS Sports Gets American Athletic Games

Mike Aresco is back with CBS again. The former top sports executive at the network, now head of the American Athletic Conference, has inked another deal to bring league games to the CBS Sports Network.

The agreement, which runs through 2019-20, involves CBS sublicensing basketball games from ESPN. The games might not ever be as attractive as they will be this season with Louisville, the NCAA basketball champion, leaving the conference next year. CBS will air five of its games this season.

Under the deal, CBS Sports Network will air 30 men’s hoops games each season after the coming one and between 13 and 15 football matchups, along with five women’s basketball games, which could be appealing with the University of Connecticut Huskies in the league.

CBS had made a previous deal to air league hoops games, also through 2019-20. ESPN has a much broader deal, which includes the football and basketball championship games on ABC or ESPN.

Aresco was a CBS Sports executive vice president, who joined the network in 1996 and helped ink many landmark rights deals, along with being involved with the CBS Sports Network.

Aresco left CBS to become commissioner of the Big East in 2012 as the league readied to cut a new TV deal. But the league fractured soon after as schools fled to form a new Big East and others formed the American Athletic Conference. Aresco went with the latter, which is beginning play this fall



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