RB To Discontinue Freshmatic Ultra Refill Ad Claims

Household products giant Reckitt Benckiser has claimed in recent advertising that its Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Automatic Spray refills are equal to 55 cans of aerosol spray air freshener.

Not likely, according to a just concluded investigation by the National Advertising Division, the self-regulatory body that scrutinizes advertising claims. As a result, RB has indicated that it will modify claims made in its ads to that effect.

The NAD investigation was sparked by a challenge made by RB competitor SC Johnson, marketer of Glade air freshener products.

When the NAD did its own testing, it concluded that one Freshmatic refill equals about 3.25 Air Wick 8 oz. aerosols—a wee bit less than the one to 55 ratio claimed in the ads.

The NAD also concluded that some RB ads weren’t clear that the company was comparing two of its own products while mentioning competitor Glade.

RB responded that while it believes the ads in question aren’t misleading and are fully substantiated, it will make revisions as suggested by the NAD, given its support of the organization and the “self-regulatory process.”

Earlier this month RB confirmed it was conducting a global media planning and buying review, its first since 2010. The company estimated that its global media spending in 2012 was roughly $1.7 billion. In the U.S. last year Reckitt spent an estimated $400 million.  



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