LeBron James Kicks Off Social Insider Summit!

What the?! None other than LeBron James -- yes (!), the reigning king of b-ball and Twitter -- is kicking off MediaPost’s Social Media Insider Summit, today. Courtesy of Katie Richman, Director of Social Media Strategy & Social Products (X Games & espnW) at ESPN, King James is walking summit attendees through his “10 Fan Truths” … in a prerecorded video.

What can James teach marketers about social media marketing? For one, “Fans are attracted to guys with heart …. And guys who can come up big.”

Other tips that may translate for socially-ambitious brands:

- Show the love! “Play the game with a lot of joy.”

- Be superhuman! “Fans always want that superhero.”

- Be authentic! “I never wanted to be superficial or not authentic … to my fans,” says James.

- Cultivate fans with passion! “I have fans that have been watching me since I was 10 years old.”

- Give fans full access! “I connect with fans by sending out pictures of me and my family … fans … want to know what you had for breakfast.”

- Giveaways work! “Lots of giveaways.”

- Show your appreciation! “I let my fans know that I don’t take them for granted.”

- ABC! (Always be connected!) “After a game, I get on the bus and check out my Twitter feed… You can see everyone who like or dislike you at that given time …”

As an addendum to this post, Nathaniel Perez, Global Head of Social Experience for SapientNitro, should also be credited with making James' appearance possible.

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