BooneOakley Cleans Autobell Car Wash Campaign

  • August 28, 2013

Autobell Car Wash, a Charlotte, N.C.-based chain, has tapped Charlotte-based BooneOakley for a fall campaign in which a nerdy guy squires an attractive woman around town. He's taking her to a school reunion, thinking that he's made it with her, but she points out he's just a ride, regardless of how scintillating his car is post-wash. The voiceover from the car radio says: “Maybe it is a big deal, Debbie. Alan’s car is sparkling clean. It’s Autobell clean. He’s responsible. Matching oven mitts responsible. You think former high school QBTroy Derf, a.k.a. The Derfster,” [she smiles] “is like that?” [he shakes head no] “Did I mention, he knits puppy sweaters? [poodle appears, in a sweater that matches Alan’s]. VO chimes in with the campaign tag: “A clean car says a lot about you.” Debbie, it appears, is now quite taken with our meticulous chauffeur.

The company says the effort targets “frequent car washers,” who tend to be older (35 – 64, $70K+ household income) and want a quality wash with interior cleaning.



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