Different Ethnic Groups Overlap Brand Preference, But Auto Stands Alone

What do Southwest Airlines, Tom Hanks, and Chase all have in common? They’re the most preferred brands in their categories (airlines, celebrities and banks) for both Caucasians and Asian-Americans, according to sentiment analysis performed by Vision Critical as part of its Brand Relationship Equity Assessment (BERA).

The consumer sentiment data used in BERA comes from VC’s weekly surveys of 20,000 Americans to determine how they view some 4,000 brands across a variety of categories.

The most diversity in ethnic brand preferences was seen in the automotive category, where there was no overlap at all between the different ethnic groups: Caucasians preferred Toyota, Hispanics chose Porsche, African-Americans favored Nissan, and Asian-Americans went with Audi.

The Caucasian and Asian-American brand preferences contrast with Hispanic preferences (US Airways, Oprah Winfrey, and Capital One Bank) but overlap somewhat with African-American brand preferences (Southwest, Will Smith, Bank of America).

Caucasians and Hispanics overlapped again when it came to casual dining, with Olive Garden their most preferred brand, while African-Americans and Asian-Americans both chose Pizza Hut. Caucasians, Hispanics and Asian-Americans also agreed on their favorite hospitality chain, Marriott, with African-Americans choosing Holiday Inn.

In the fragrance category, Caucasians and Hispanics agreed on L’Oreal, while African-Americans went for Avon and Asian-Americans chose Chanel. Turning to specialty retail, Best Buy was the top brand for Caucasians, Hispanics and Asian-Americans, but African-Americans favored Bath & Body Works.



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  1. Tito Lopez from n/a, August 29, 2013 at 9:49 a.m.

    This is really interesting, is there a link for the data? Is the preferred brand something that was based on an "ideal" purchase?Is it based on brand perception based on recollection of brands?

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