TV Network Viewers Break Down Via Cinema, Car Preferences

What retail and other locations do TV viewers actually go to in order to shop -- by network and by TV show?

Fox viewers, for example, were 10% more likely to visit a movie theater than the average U.S. consumer. ABC viewers were next at 8%, followed by CBS at 6% and NBC at 3%, according to Placed Insights, which measures over 100 million locations a day across more than 100,000 U.S. panelists.

Looking at some cable networks, ESPN viewers were 37% more likely to visit pubs and taverns; 23% more likely to visit bars; 20% more likely to go to auto repair shops; 13% more likely to go to hotels/motels; and 12% more likely to go to auto dealerships.

Disney Channel viewers -- made up primarily of kids/teens, and mostly women -- witnessed 25% higher visits to beauty/skin care places; 23% more for toy stores; 23% more for tanning salons; 17% more for stores with children's products; and 17% more for places that cater to diet and nutrition.



Automobile advertising is a major category for TV networks. When it comes to car dealerships, ESPN viewers are 25% more likely to visit General Motors dealers than an average consumer and 10% more likely to visit a Ford dealership. CBS earned 10% more likely visits from GM and Toyota -- but less likely from Ford (4%).

ABC's best results came from more viewers going to Toyota (6%) and Honda dealers (4%) than an average U.S. consumer -- but viewers were less likely to visit GM -- 8% -- and Ford dealers, at 6% less likely than the average U.S. consumers. Disney viewers were 14% more likely to go to a Toyota dealership and 28% less likely to go to a Ford dealer.

Looking at a major individual network show, “Modern Family," Macy's scored the strongest attraction -- viewers were 32% more likely to visit than an average consumer. Best Buy (22%) and Home Depot (21%) also showed strong attraction. On the flip side, Walmart (4% lower) and JCPenney (9% below) earned less likely visits than the average consumer.

This research combines mobile survey questions with the direct measurement of consumers’ location activities -- based on a subset of 10,489 U.S. smartphone survey respondents.

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