Radio One Adds 360, Katz Drops It, Bows Native Ads For Digital Radio

 Radio broadcasters are making moves in the digital space, with a new digital marketing partnership from Radio One and a rebranding of Katz Media Groups’ interactive division.

Interactive One, urban broadcaster Radio One’s digital arm, has joined forces with Radiate Media to bring the latter’s Radiate360 digital marketing service to small businesses in 15 big urban markets across the country, the companies announced Tuesday.

The partnership will give Radio One’s small business radio advertisers access to an array of digital marketing products from Radiate360, including social media, mobile marketing, local search, reputation management and directory management. Radiate is providing training and other support for Radio One’s local sales teams as they implement the service.

Katz Media Group, the nation’s largest radio sales representative, is relaunching its interactive division, formerly known as Katz 360, as PROXi Digital. Under its new name PROXi will offer an expanded range of online, mobile and audience targeting products in partnership with Katz Radio Group and Katz Television Group, as well as a third-party ad network.

One of Katz’s new offerings is a streaming audio ad product called the Secondary Action Unit, which allows advertisers to employ native advertising with custom content in their digital radio campaigns. The SAUs will follow up regular audio advertising with additional content that is both relevant to the advertiser’s product and entertaining for the listener.

Mort Greenberg, president of PROXi Digital, called the new offering "a one-stop digital shop for clients," stating: “For advertisers and their agencies, deploying PROXi’s product suite to reach target markets ensures instant, deeply engaged audiences consuming content across digital device-types, behaviors and contexts.



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