It's Game Over for 10% of Machinima's Workforce

Machinima, the Web video gaming network wants to get bigger, so to do so it’s laying off 22 employees, according to other news sources and a Machinima press release.

“In connection with Machinima’s growth plan, the company is making an increased commitment to premium programming, its YouTube affiliate network, and multi-platform distribution,” the company’s statement reads. “As a result of an increased need for investment in these areas, Machinima is eliminating positions representing approximately 10% of the company’s workforce equating to 22 of 206 employees. Over the next several months, Machinima will announce new programming and distribution initiatives that will advance the next phase of this strategic plan.”

Machinima has reportedly been feverishly pursuing funding for its expansion, and The speculates that the layoffs means those efforts haven’t been as fruitful as it hoped. The Website said Machinima was looking for $70-$80 million in new funds and/or partnerships with studios including Warner Bros. and Paramount. Ultimately, Machinima wants to build an OTT platform—a kind of Netflix for gamers. reported that among those shown the door were Anthony Rogers, the programming manager at Respawn, and Counter Srike gamer and producer Scott Fisher.  

The Website pointed out that nine months ago, Machinima enacted similar layoffs designed to free up money and redirect the company’s resources. Since then, Tubefilter said, it hired 20 employees.

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