NEW! Thai Ad For TrueMove That's Making Everyone Cry

thaiadForget Throwback Thursday. How about Tearjerker Thursday, so we can discuss the three-minute Thai ad making viewers weep worldwide? It’s for a mobile company called TrueMove and not since the “Reach out and touch someone” AT&T ads has a telecom company made me misty. The ad begins with a young boy stealing painkillers for his sick mother. The storeowner catches the boy, but a kindly man who owns a nearby restaurant intervenes and pays the boy’s debt. And he throws in an order of vegetable soup to take to his mother. The story picks up thirty years later and the restaurant owner and his now-grown daughter are still running the shop when tragedy happens: dad collapses on the job and hits his head hard. The hospital bills are growing by the second leaving the woman no choice but to put the family business up for sale. The next day, she wakes up at her father’s bedside to find an updated hospital invoice. The woman owes nothing because this debt was paid thirty years ago with three packs of painkillers and a bag of veggie soup. The doctor is the young boy from the beginning of the ad. “Giving is the best communication,” closes the ad, seen here. Now dry your eyes, get back to work and remember that random acts of kindness are that impactful



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  1. philip gentile from Consultant, September 19, 2013 at 12:42 p.m.

    The doctor is THE young boy from the beginning of the ad.

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