Brands Sponsor Words Of Good

On behalf of the United Nations’ World Humanitarian Day, Leo Burnett is giving brands the opportunity to sponsor more of the good things people want in the world. 

The effort from the advertising agency’s New York office turns people’s words into action through a digital and social media campaign. Using the statement, “The World Needs More ____,” consumers are encouraged to finish with a specific word, which may be tied to specific corporations for sponsorship. (Barclays Bank, for instance, sponsored the word “inclusion.”) Every time a sponsored word is shared via Twitter or the campaign Web site,, the sponsoring company will donate $1 to the United Nations’ Humanitarian Fund. 



“A lot of people talk about [improving the world] online, but they don’t turn it into action,” Kieran Antill, executive creative director at Leo Burnett in New York, tells Marketing Daily. “The idea is to have a conversation about what the world needs more of.”

Already, brands such as Barclays, Korean Telecom, Western Union, Intel and Gucci have signed on to the effort, sponsoring words such as “inclusion,” “dialogue,” “education,” “empowerment” and “dreams.” The agency is monitoring other words that consumers might use to fill the blank in the hopes of getting them sponsored in the future, Antill says. 

“We encourage everyone to share every word because it’s great to know what people are saying,” he says. “Also, because this is year one, we can sell that word in year two.”

The agency is promoting the effort via a new music video for David Guetta’s song “One Voice,” featuring Mikky Ekko. The video, produced in conjunction with the United Nations and Guetta’s production team, intercuts shots of Guetta singing the song with shots of multinational and multicultural people in various settings and hashtags such as “#justice,” “#cooperation,” and “#teamwork,” before concluding with the site.

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