Gyro Tapped to 'Humanize' Cisco's New Megarouter

To promote one its biggest new product launches in the last decade, Cisco Systems has tapped Gyro San Francisco to create a new B-to-B ad campaign for its new megarouter dubbed the Cisco Network Convergence System.

The campaign, shaped around the brand idea of “The Internet of Everything,” utilizes a series of well-known Internet #fail videos that capture spectacularly unsuccessful attempts to solve problems as a way to illustrate why Cisco NCS is a solution for today’s big Internet service providers.

The multichannel effort encompasses digital advertising, out-of-home, social, video, events and print.

One Video shows a boat dragging a crane into the water, versus the other way around. The copy reads: “The Internet of everything demands the ability to handle workloads we can’t quite imagine. So we’re introducing a system that redefines workload capacity.” The brand idea is then reinforced with the tagline that NCS is “Built for the workload of everything.”



The campaign is designed to “humanize the Cisco Network Convergence System” said Drew Meyers, president of gyro San Francisco. “It provides a story-driven approach to something that is very technical in nature,” he said. 

“Everyone knows what a good Internet #fail looks like,” added gyro San Francisco Executive Creative Director Steffan Postaer. The campaign uses several of them “as backdrop to explain, in a humanly relevant way, how Cisco can help its clients #succeed.” It’s an approach that is unexpected for the category, said Postaer. “But most of all it’s entertaining, which every good piece of content should be.” The videos can be seen here.

Up next, Cisco will be partnering with Vine celebrities to develop artistic interpretations of the benefits of the NCS. They'll be scheduled to go live on Vine in the coming weeks. Web banners, e-mail and other digital executions will support. Out-of-home and print will follow. 

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