CPMs Rise By Single Digits On Cable Nets

The cost per thousand viewers for advertisers continues to rise on cable networks by mid-single-digit percentage hikes -- with sports networks/programmers commanding the highest price.

The average 24-hour CPM price was up 4.8% to $6.22, according to SNL Kagan. After declining by 4.3% to $5.19 in 2009, CPMs have continued to steadily climb from $5.19 (2009) to $5.57 (2010) -- a 7.2% hike -- and $5.94 in 2011 -- a 6.7% increase.

ESPN has the largest CPMs -- $19.29 on average, which is some $6 higher than second-place MTV at $13.10. Kagan says that of the 10 networks with double-digit CPMs, six are full-time sports networks.

Cable networks are still well behind broadcast networks, which can be three times higher on average for all viewers -- with key 18-49 viewer CPMs in the $30 to $35 range.

AMC Networks has posted significant growth rates hikes overall recently -- largely because of its highly rated dramas. In the second quarter, it witnessed a 14% rise, according to Kagan. Time Warner/Turner and Scripps Networks were next at a 11% increase. Then came Discovery (10%); NBCUniversal and Viacom (each with 6%); Fox (4%); Hallmark and Disney (3%).



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